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Disaster Relief

DR Banner 9-23-13

When human lives are at risk due to a natural or man-made disaster, people around the world are called to action.

WaterStep equips your team with effective solutions that allow disaster relief or first responders to be more efficient and self sustaining on location.

Our Experience:

  • WaterStep has expertise in the field of disaster relief for more than 13 years. This experience has created a vast network that spans more than 23 countries. WaterStep is often one of the first alerted when the search for safe water becomes desperate.
  •  In the 2010 Haiti earthquake, WaterStep’s response teams were among the first on the ground and began installing water purification systems immediately.
  • After Typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines in 2013, WaterStep sent 60 M-100 chlorine generators and trained locals to install and maintain them. Our efforts continue as we seek funding for more chlorine generators to be sent to those in need of safe water.
  • Disaster relief also means training and empowering locals and first-responders to use our systems as a permanent solution to water problems.

WaterStep is a trusted source. Donors know their contributions are going directly to meet the basic needs of people suffering from disaster.

Equip Your Team to Provide Safe Water at a Disaster Site:

WaterStep has developed tools to assist you and your organization to provide safe water in a time of disaster.

haiti train

The WaterStep M-100 Chlorinator presents a solution:

  • Small enough to fit in a carry-on suitcase, allowing easy transport to the field.
  • Powerful enough to produce over 10,000 gallons of safe water each day.
  • Does not require an AC electrical source. The M-100 operates on a handful of ordinary table salt and a 12-volt car battery.

With the M-100 Chlorinator, you can provide safe water to large groups of thousands of people.

Micro Fiber/Membrane Drip Filters


WaterStep offers a line of micro fiber/membrane filters. These compact filters are smaller than 13”, easily fit in your suitcase and are ideal for personal use or commercial.

The pore sizes of these hollow micro fiber/membrane filters are so small that they remove bacteria, pathogens and other biological material from the water. The technology used in these filters was originally developed for hemodialysis and is also used in food and beverage processing applications.

These filters are ideal for personal and family use when the only available water is from an open source such as lakes, rivers, streams ponds, or other locations. The filters are easily backwashed and reused. Each filter includes all of the accessories to set up a simple drip filter system including a backwash squeeze pump. Available in 0.10 and 0.02 micron sizes.

Mobile Water System: 


The WaterStep Mobile Water System (MWS) is a rapid deployment option to provide system redundancy for disaster relief organizations, water utilities, or others responsible for providing safe through a mini water treatment plant. The MWS includes everything needed for quick assembly, and operation, and can provide safe water within two hours after being deployed.


  • A complete mobile mini-water treatment system which includes the WaterStep water purifier, filters, pumps, and water bladders.
  • Generate your own cleaning and sanitizing solutions.
  • Collapsible containers for the distribution of water.

When precious human lives are at risk of water-borne illness, consider joining our team or donating to WaterStep.

We have developed a solid foundation to assist you and your organization to provide safe water in a time of disaster.