WaterStep welcomes students from India

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On Friday, June 9, WaterStep welcomed six students from India to tour our offices in Louisville Kentucky. The students have a summer-long internship at a local engineering company. All of the students are studying engineering in India at the same university.
At the beginning of the tour many of the students shared their interest in WaterStep and the reasoning behind them touring our offices. Many of them said it was because they think that our mission statement, Saving Lives with Safe Water, is very important. Many of the students shared their personal experiences with us about the unhealthy and dangerous drinking conditions of their water. Rajat Garg, said “my experience with water is not very good,” he shared how when he was younger he got cholera due to the heavy pollution within the water. Every student said that with the right education they think their communities would be able to improve their situation, however, right now they do not know the proper precautions to take.
After the introductions the students took a tour of the offices to see the technology that goes into the equipment that we use. WaterStep hopes to continue teaching people about our mission statement so that they can return to their communities and make a difference. Thank you to the students who came out to visit.

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