WaterStep Sending Aid to Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is in a state of crisis and WaterStep is responding by sending equipment to provide safe drinking water and disinfectant. In the wake of Hurricane Maria mass flooding and destruction have put thousands of people on the island at risk for disease and children are dying from dehydration. Puerto Rico officials have identified safe water as a top priority. Puerto Rican survivors need safe water in order to survive, manage this disaster, maintain good health, and rebuild their communities.
Through generous partners like Agape Flights, G.E. Appliances and the Puerto Rican Leadership Council, WaterStep is sending its first 20 Disaster Relief Kits to San Juan, Puerto Rico next week. The city officials of San Juan will accept the equipment and provide security for the equipment, and our WaterStep Disaster Relief Team. Once the equipment and team are in country, WaterStep will hold a training event where they will educate emergency response teams on the operation of the Disaster Relief Kits.
When disaster strikes:

  • Medical care cannot be safely administered without proper sanitation.
  • Families who managed to survive the disaster are at risk of death by waterborne illness.
  • Displaced individuals are now at risk of losing their identities.
  • Collapse of infrastructure also causes collapse in income and education.

WaterStep has created and deployed affordable, effective and sustainable solutions in various international disasters since 2009. At the onset of any disaster, many agencies work hard to collect and deliver bottled water to disaster survivors. Though an important step, there are critical problems with bottled water long term – it’s expensive, heavy, and it’s not sustainable. Three cases of bottled water weighs 90lbs, and WaterStep’s disaster relief kit weighs >100lbs and can produce thousands of gallons of safe drinking water each day.
Support the survivors by providing access to safe water and sanitation by donating NOW. When giving online, please write Disaster Relief in the additional comments section. Please follow @WaterStep on social media to receive updates on their disaster relief work in Puerto Rico.
Questions? Please contact CEO & Founder, Mark Hogg.

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