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technologyAll technology and tools produced by WaterStep are available here.

Simple Technology. Sustainable Solutions.

WaterStep believes that the best solutions to the global water crisis are rooted in Training and readily available Technology.

That’s why we focus on developing and distributing simple, low-cost solutions that give communities easier access to safe water.

M-100 Chlorinator

The M-100 is a portable water purification system that generates chlorine through electrolysis. It operates using only a small amount of table salt and either a 12-volt car battery or solar panels, and it generates enough chlorine to disinfect 38,000 liters of water per day — enough for about 10,000 people.

The by products created in the water purification process can be used to disinfect medical equipment and kill mosquito larvae.

Water Ball

Gathering water takes a huge toll on women and children. Often, they must walk several miles a day to reach a safe water source, collecting only small amounts of water for their families.
The task must be repeated day after day, taking hours and hours of time away from women and children — time that could be better spent in school, learning a new skill or taking care of family.
The Water Ball, in development especially for WaterStep, offers a way to transport more water with less work.