How we are solving the safe water crisis

WaterStep’s strategy of success:

3-part strategy: simple technology, a scalable training method, and an entrepreneurial approach to development


We  start by providing simple technology whether it be a community water system, point of use water system, or a small scale water utility. The key to all of these systems is the process of chlorniation that makes the water safe to drink by killing the bacteria, viruses and other microbes. These solutions are  durable, cost-effective and easy to learn how operate. All it takes is one of WaterStep’s tools, salt, water, and a low voltage battary to make water safe to drink.

WaterStep combines our tools with a holistic community model approach implemented by our in country heros to reach individuals not just at the community level, but family and individual level too. Once a safe water system is installed, our in country heros hold trainings on best health and hygiene practices identifying stakeholders at the different levels:

Community: teaching how to use the water system

Family: teaching basic health and hygiene so bacteria and viruses do not spread

Individual: teaching Practice hand washing

By ensuring that the whole community is educated at different levels on best health and hygiene practices communities can take ownership of their safe water needs on an ongoing basis, thus the community will be able to take care of their water safety needs for years to come.


WaterStep logo - Save lives with safe water


WaterStep 2020


4.2 million people

100 heroes

56 countries

4 continents



This improvement of Community health, achieved through safe water and proper hygiene, means less illness, more children in school getting an education, and more economic opportunity.

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