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Rotary Disaster Relief Kit

Portable Water Treatment System (PWTS)

WaterStep’s Portable Water Treatment System is a mini water filtration and chlorination plant designed to provide potable water. It is compact, easily transportable, quickly assembled (components are built as quick connect modules), operates off of AC/DC electrical power (or the enclosed solar panel), includes filters and bladder water tank(s) and only requires table salt to operate the chlorinator.

The Portable Water Purification System includes everything you need to set-up and operate the system immediately upon arrival at the site. Our goal is to provide you with the equipment and the training to successfully provide safe water. This type of disaster response equipment has been deployed in the Puerto Rico, Philippines, Northern India, and staged in specific U.S. locations.

What is included: AC/DC Power Supply, 80W Solar Panel, M-100 Chlorine Generator, BleachMaker, 100mic/25mic Disc Filter pack, Guzzler Hand Pump, 500 gal. Bladder Tank, Single hole manifold and quick connect hoses.


Dimensions: approx. 12 ft³

Weight: 95 lbs.

For the Portable Water Treatment System Manual, Click Here

For the Portable Water Treatment System video, Click Here


Price: $4500 USD

We value your feedback and invite you to contact us if you have any questions about the system.


M-100 Chlorine Generator

Using a 12-volt car battery and salt, the M-100 Chlorine Generator simply and safely produces chlorine gas that is injected into the water to kill waterborne pathogens. The kit includes the chlorine generator, parts bag, circulation pump, venturi/heat exchanger assembly and hoses – all in a durable, rigid plastic box.


Dimensions: 22″ x 15″ x 13″

Weight: 18.5 lbs (6.8 kg) 

For the M-100 Manual, click here

For the M-100 Brochure, click here

For the M-100 video, click here

For the M-100 video in Spanish click here


Price: $800 USD  

Bleach Maker Photo


WaterStep's BleachMaker makes a bleach solution to be used as a general purpose disinfectant.  The production of a strong effective disinfectant made on site, easily and at a low cost, will promote improved sanitation and hygiene.
It is portable and uses only water, salt, and a 12vDC power source.  It generates approx. 1 gallon of bleach (5 liters) every hour.  The bleach if sealed in a container has a 2 week shelf life.
Also, bleach is a proven disinfectant for water.  A small quantity of bleach can be added to a container of water and after waiting 30 minutes the water can safely be consumed.
Dimensions: 19"x15"x6"
Weight: approx. 4 lbs
For the BleachMaker manual, Click Here
For the BleachMaker manual in Spanish, Click Here
For the BleachMaker FAQ, Click Here
For the BleachMaker FAQ in Spanish, Click Here

Price: $250 USD

Water Ball


The WaterBall is a water transportation tool that can hold approx. 12.5 gallons/47 liters of water.  It is made of a food grade HDPE plastic material to block sunlight and prevent bacteria.
Dimensions: 18"x20"x20"
Weight: 18 lbs
For the WaterBall information sheet, Click Here
For the WaterBall instruction sheet, Click Here
For the WaterBall Informational Video, Click Here
Price: $150 USD



Power Supply

WaterStep’s Power Supply is designed to replace the battery that is required to power the M-100 Chlorine Generator or the BleachMaker. Instead of clipping the leads of a M-100 or BleachMaker to a battery as described in the instructions, clip the leads to the connector box attached to the Power Supply.

The Power Supply automatically adjusts to the line voltage, either 110v or 240v AC, and transforms it to 12 volts DC.

WaterStep ships a power cord and plug adaptor (or adaptors if necessary) to match the receptacles in the country where device will be used.  When purchasing this product online, note which country the product will be used, in the comments section of the order form.

Dimensions: 2” x 8” x 13”

Weight: 3 lbs

For Power Supply Instruction Manual, Click Here

For Power Supply Instruction Manual in Spanish, Click Here


Price: $200.00


60W-solar-panel copy

60W Solar Panel

Ultra lightweight, ultra compact and ultra portable, the 60 watt foldable solar panel is an excellent way to recharge batteries during daylight hours. Includes 15’ extension cord with alligator clips and a charge controller. 

Weight: 3.19 lb (1.45 kg). 

Price: $900 USD



12v - DC Centrifugal Circulation Pump

12v – DC Centrifugal Circulation Pump

Small and compact, the 12-volt pump is used to circulate water from a storage tank, through a chlorine generator, and then back into a storage stand. This durable pump can be used as part of a closed system or submerged.Inlet/suction port: ½ NPT male plate or hood screened plate. Discharge port: 3/8” NPT male outlet.

Weight: 1.5 lbs (0.7 kg)

Price: $40



Guzzler Hand Pump

Hand pump capable of moving water at a speed of 12 GPM and up to a depth of 22 feet. Made of aluminum, very lightweight and portable.

Price: $190 USD


disc-filter 1.5

1.5" Disc Filters

100 and 25 micron filters designed for effective removal of organic substances.  Easy to clean and reuse.

Price: $225 USD