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The impetus for the BleachMaker was a response to the need for a strong disinfectant during the 2014 Ebola outbreak in West Africa. 

Since 2014, WaterStep has continued to collaborate with University of Louisville, Louisville Water Company, and General Electric to create an effective tool and essential one-of-a-kind tool effectively manufacturing bleach even strong enough to meet WHO specifications for Ebola, targeting mobile medical clinics in the developing world, where medical-grade bleach is essential for healthcare.

International partner, Sulaiman Gumi, the Executive Director of Victims in Violence, has implemented the BleachMaker in refugee camps in Nigeria where 23,001 people are fleeing Boko Haram insurgency.

Prior to the BleachMaker these camps were seeing 5-10 deaths a day. Since implementing the BleachMaker as part of his mobile medical clinic, Sulaiman reports that the camps are free from disease outbreak and no deaths resulting from water-borne illness. 

A strength of the BleachMaker is its capability to produce quantities for point of use in households, as well as large, scalable strengths for hospital use. 

The BleachMaker also provides opportunity for employment. Adults can manufacture bleach, thus providing a sustainable income for their families, while also eliminating the accumulation of plastic waste due to imported gallons of bleach, which is often expensive. 

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Important Information

- Only needs Water, Salt and 12vDC power source

- Produces over 1 gallon (5L) of bleach in about an hour

- Ideal for sanitation in hospitals, clinics, restaurants, schools, etc.

- Great against Ebola, Cholera, blood-borne pathogens, (Bacteria list)

- On Site production = low transportation cost and production as needed

- Micro Business opportunity – Selling bleach to hospitals, clinics, restaurants, etc.



Dimensions 19"x15"x6"   Weight approx. 4 lbs

The Impact



HaitiMay 2010purifier installationsstreet scenesphotos by Tyler Pelan