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Muisne, Ecuador


A devastating 7.8 earthquake hit the shore line of Ecuador on April 15, 2016. The deaths and injuries totaled over 29,000. WaterStep supplied the product and trained over 35 people to deploy life-saving equipment to refugee settlements. Having lost their homes, people are still displaced and WaterStep continues the work of bringing safe water to those without.


Digital StillCamera

Kabowa Village, Uganda


WaterStep is currently working on Phase III of their partnership with Kabowa Village.  WaterStep is brining pit latrines to schools.


Refugee Camps, Nigeria

Families fleeing from Boko Haram insurgents are finding a home at Refugee Camps in Nigeria. Victims of Violence is caring for the displaced in Nigeria and are WaterStep's Nigerian partners.  After coming to Louisville seeking help with water issues they face in the camps, they were trained and are now deploying WaterStep equipment and teaching leaders in the camps to be safe water distributors.  In addition, WaterStep's new Bleach Maker is very important as it is used for disinfectant in mobile medical clinics and surgical units.  We will continue to send equipment and train Nigerians to care for the over 1,000,000 displaced people.


Amazon River Communities, Brazil


Along the Amazon, tucked into areas that are only accessible by boat, are small communities struggling with lack of safe water.  WaterStep's partner is Amor Brazil. Together, they are placing safe water equipment and training individuals to care for their own water issues. This is an ongoing project along the great river.