Pump Pressure Plate


Specifically designed for the India Mark II, this plate pressurizes water from a hand pump to be pumped into an additional storage tank.

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As part of its work in water purification, WaterStep encountered a need to move water from India Mark II pumps into elevated tanks for chlorination and distribution, something ordinary India Mark II pumps can not do.  In response to this need, WaterStep developed the Pump Pressure Plate.  This product pressurizes water coming out of INDIA MARK II pumps, such that it can reach heights of 30 ft. (9.1 m) or more.  Once installed, the Pump Pressure Plate eliminates the need to fill, carry, and lift buckets of water into tanks, which are often on raised platforms.  The Pump Pressure Plate can be installed on tan India Mark II pump in a short period of time using a few tools. 


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