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A portable device that can produce approximately five liters of powerful disinfectant in an hour using only water, salt, and a 12vDC power source.

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*It is the ongoing goal of WaterStep to manufacture and distribute cost-effective and innovative tools that improve lives through safe water across the globe, especially to those who cannot access or afford it.  So that we can continue to serve those in need, it has become necessary to increase the price of equipment due to fluctuating supply chain issues and increased shipping and material costs.  If you have questions, please contact us at 




WaterStep’s BleachMaker makes a bleach solution to be used as a general purpose disinfectant. The production of a strong effective disinfectant made on site, easily and at a low cost, will promote improved sanitation and hygiene.

It is portable and uses only water, salt, and a 12V/DC power source. It generates approx. 1 gallon of bleach (5 liters) every hour. The bleach, if sealed in a container, has a 2 week shelf life.

Also, bleach is a proven disinfectant for water. A small quantity of bleach can be added to a container of water, and after waiting 30 minutes the water can safely be consumed.

Dimensions: 20″x15″x6″
Weight: approx. 7 lbs


WaterStep’s Power Supply is designed to replace the battery that is required to power the M-100 Chlorine Generator or the BleachMaker. Instead of clipping the leads of a M-100 or BleachMaker to a battery as described in the instructions, clip the leads to the connector box attached to the Power Supply.

The Power Supply automatically adjusts to the line voltage, either 110V/AC or 240V/AC, and transforms it to 12V/DC.

WaterStep ships a power cord and plug adaptor (or adaptors if necessary) to match the receptacles in the country where device will be used.  When purchasing this product online, note which country the product will be used, in the comments section of the order form.

Dimensions: 2” x 8” x 13”

Weight: 3 lbs

For Power Supply Instruction Manual, Click Here

For Power Supply Instruction Manual in Spanish, Click Here


Bleach is extremely effective against viruses and bacteria. When bleach is unavailable or too expensive, being able to manufacture it onsite with WaterStep’s BleachMaker is the best defensive mechanism we have. Some viruses can live on inanimate objects for long periods of time. The Coronavirus(COVID-19) has been reported to live on some surfaces for 14 days. Especially in hospitals, clinics and public areas cleaning surfaces, toilet seats and toilet handles and avoiding potential respiratory hazards are best practices to avoid contamination from any virus.

In 2019, using WaterStep’s BleachMaker, over 100 doctors were able to develop a strategy that has significantly helped to reduce further infection of the Ebola virus in The Democratic Republic of Congo.

WaterStep’s BleachMaker has been approved as a disinfectant by the Kenya Bureau of Standards, KS 1290.

More About This Product

This was done by Experienced volunteers at WaterStep and not by a certified lab testing facility.

A great article about how chlorine bleach can help battle against the ebola outbreak.


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