20 Liter BleachMaker


A portable device that makes 20 liters of 5000 ppm (or 0.5%) bleach in 6 hours using only water, salt, and a 12vDC power source.

Please Note: For places where AC power is available we recommend the use of our power supply.

For shipping outside the United States, please email us for a quote.



20 Liter BleachMaker:

This device makes a bleach solution to be used as a general purpose disinfectant. The production of a strong effective disinfectant made on site, easily and at a low cost, will promote improved sanitation and hygiene.

It is portable and uses only water, salt, and a 12V/DC power source. It generates approx. 20 liters every 6 hours. The bleach, if sealed in a container, has a 2 week shelf life. A timer is also provided that will cut the power after the required time, so you can walk away once the BleachMaker is started.

Bleach is a proven disinfectant for water. A small quantity of bleach can be added to a container of water, and after waiting 30 minutes the water can safely be consumed.

**The AC to DC power supply, which replaces the battery, is not included at this price. The 20L BleachMaker and PowerSupply can be purchased as a kit.

For shipping outside the United States, please email us for a quote.


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