Commercial BleachMaker Kit


A portable device that makes 20 to 25 Liters of  5000 ppm (or 0.5%) bleach in 6 hours using only water, salt, and a 12vDC power source.

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*It is the ongoing goal of WaterStep to manufacture and distribute cost-effective and innovative tools that improve lives through safe water across the globe, especially to those who cannot access or afford it.  So that we can continue to serve those in need, it has become necessary to increase the price of equipment due to fluctuating supply chain issues and increased shipping and material costs.  If you have questions, please contact us at 



Commercial BleachMaker Kit:

This device makes a bleach solution to be used as a general purpose disinfectant. The production of a strong effective disinfectant made on site, easily and at a low cost, will promote improved sanitation and hygiene.

It is portable and uses only water, salt, and a 12V/DC power source. The bleach, if sealed in a container, has a 2 week shelf life. A timer is also provided that will cut the power after the required time, so you can walk away once the BleachMaker is started.

Bleach is a proven disinfectant for water. A small quantity of bleach can be added to a container of water, and after waiting 30 minutes the water can safely be consumed.

**The AC to DC power supply, which replaces the battery, is included at this price.

For shipping outside the United States, please email us for a quote.


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