Monthly Giving - WaterStep

Help sustain safe water projects around the world with a monthly gift.


 You can ensure long-lasting impact with a monthly gift. Your monthly gift will allow us to commit to projects that produce sustainable change and allows us to invest in growing our programs. Monthly gifts are more efficient, which means that more of your gift goes to supporting our mission to save lives with safe water and less to administrative costs. Your ongoing support will be used to help implement projects in water purification, well repair, health education, community development, and disaster relief.


$20/month can provide safe water to 200 people for a year for all their drinking, cooking, and hygiene needs.


$35/month can put 1 person through training to learn how to repair broken wells and hand pumps.


$50/month can put 2 people through training to learn water purification and health education.


$85/month can install a mini water treatment plant that can serve a community of several hundred people.