Follow the up-to-the-minute media coverage of WaterStep’s efforts to combat the Coronavirus.

Natalie Bonura on Give Back Radio on WFMP - May 29, 2020

Natalie Bonura, Community Project Manager at the Louisville-based non-profit, WaterStep, appeared on 106.5 WFMP's Give Back Radio to discuss Waterstep and its mission to save lives with safe water.

BleachMaker helps Ky. correctional facilities combat spread of COVID-19 - April 28, 2020

State prisons and jails are especially vulnerable to COVID-19 outbreaks due to the close living quarters, and extra precautions must be taken to protect the inmates and staff from the virus. That’s why global health organization WaterStep will provide its patented BleachMaker to 22 prisons and jails throughout the state.

WaterStep repositions Ebola tool for COVID-19 fight - April 22, 2020

WaterStep, a Louisville-based nonprofit, is introducing a portable device that can create a gallon of bleach in an hour using just water, salt and a power source.

Good News: Louisville nonprofit steps up to help homeless shelters, other agencies - April 21, 2020

Louisville-based WaterStep has donated its patented BleachMakers to dozens of local social services agencies and homeless shelters to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

Local organization creates bleach for thousands of local families - April 18, 2020

A local organization is known for stepping up to help around the world in the midst of natural disasters. After a disaster of its hit home in Louisville, WaterStep is continuing to make a difference locally with an invention that was created right here in the city.

WaterStep’s BleachMaker Uses Patented Technology to Combat National Bleach and Hand Sanitizer Shortage - April 14, 2020

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, WaterStep is fulfilling requests for the BleachMaker from governments, nonprofit organizations, hospitals and emergency providers in the U.S. and around the world, including a recent request for Hope for Homeless, a shelter in Los Angeles that serves 10,000 teenagers.

BleachMaker Set Up and Operation - April 8, 2020

This video explains how to set up and operate the WaterStep BleachMaker. It also explains how to test the strength of bleach produced as well as use the bleach created.

WaterStep deploys BleachMakers to service organizations fighting the spread of COVID-19 - April 6, 2020

Louisville-based WaterStep is continuing to provide its patented BleachMaker to local organizations to help combat the spread of COVID-19.

Louisville nonprofit providing patented ‘BleachMakers’ to clean homeless shelters, more - April 3, 2020

Louisville nonprofit WaterStep is providing several of its patented BleachMakers to help homeless shelters, nonprofit organizations, hospitals and emergency providers combat the spread of COVID-19.

BleachMaker donation 'critical' to homeless shelter - April 2, 2020

A Jeffersonville homeless shelter has received a donation its managers say will be “critical” in the fight against the spread of COVID-19.

WaterStep BleachMakers deployed to protect the most vulnerable - April 2, 2020

WaterStep CEO Mark Hogg appeared on WFPL to discuss WaterStep's BleachMaker.

Nonprofits help provide equipment to local food pantry - April 1, 2020

On Monday, the pantry received a medical service-grade bleach making machine, which will allow the pantry to make its own disinfectant on-site to improve facility sanitation.

Tri-County CCA delivering meals, making disinfectant - April 1, 2020

Fox said they are “thrilled” with the gift of a bleach-making apparatus from WaterStep in Louisville. Devices like these take water, salt and electricity and output bleach, which serves as a powerful disinfectant urgently needed at the time.

A Nonprofit Helps Homeless Shelters Combat The Spread Of The Coronavirus - March 26, 2020

WaterStep is providing several of its patented BleachMakers to help homeless shelters in Louisville, Kentucky combat the spread of COVID-19.

WaterStep Deploys Bleach-making Kits to Louisville - March 26, 2020

At times it’s easy to forget something as common as bleach can be life-saving.

WaterStep donating BleachMaker kits to help local homeless shelter fight coronavirus - March 25, 2020

Louisville-based non-profit WaterStep is helping the one of the community's most vulnerable populations combat the coronavirus.

Local students learn hand washing tips from WaterStep - March 9, 2020

Students from Noe Middle School got a lesson in proper hand washing from WaterStep and nurses from Galen College of Nursing.

JCPS students learn proper handwashing techniques; schools will stay open amid coronavirus concerns - March 9, 2020

Superintendent Dr. Marty Pollio says he is working closely with state and county health officials to monitor the spread.

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