On Friday, December 10th, a record-breaking tornado hit areas of Western Kentucky, wreaking havoc in its wake. The death toll has exceeded 80 people and many families and businesses have lost everything. WaterStep is committed to providing assistance and emergency relief through the use of the WOW Cart.

Over the past few days, WaterStep has been working with local health and emergency response officials in Mayfield, Kentucky to set up Water on Wheels (WOW Cart) mobile water treatment systems at the Graves County Health Department, located in Mayfield. 

Why WOW Carts?

The WOW Carts will provide potable water for immediate distribution to residents and also provide safe water for emergency responders for showers and meal preparation. In the wake of the tornados, a number of western Kentucky water systems have lost power and are working to restore their public water supply. Once water is restored, a Boil Water Advisory is issued and remains in effect until the water is tested and determined to be safe for consumption. This procedure can take days or even weeks before the public water supply is deemed safe to drink. Each WOW cart can provide up to 10,000 gallons of safe, potable water per day and provides a more sustainable alternative to bottled water while residents wait for the water systems to be deemed safe again.

So we are asking our Water Step Partners for financial, material and equipment donations, that can be made in a number of ways:

Larger financial donations greater than $2,500

If you are an individual, a business, or a foundation, larger donations can be made by contacting Greg Heitzman at 502-533-5073 or Lyssa Castor at 317-342-4209 or lyssa.castor@waterstep.org.

Material, equipment and manpower donations

Contact Greg Heitzman at 502-533-5073 or gheitzman@bluewaterky.com for more information on opportunities to partner with WaterStep in providing emergency water relief to Kentucky communities. 

WaterStep appreciates the support of our partners in this time of need.

WaterStep Western Kentucky tornado response pictures
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