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The Prosser’s Story of Adoption and Clean Water

When you SEE a sick child on TV living with water, it’s just horrible.
When you MEET a child suffering from waterborne disease, you’ll never forget it.
When you CHANGE the world for one of these children, you then have the power to do it again and again.

In the video below, Jeff and Holly Prosser, in partnership with WaterStep, have taken their love for a child and influenced One Child Campaign to include clean water in the mission of the work they do with children in Ethiopia.

WaterStep specializes in training others to change lives with water. We develop technology and create sustainable models in water and health and hygiene.  What is often underestimated is the impact this exponential multiplier can have on a humanitarian outfit or ministry.

I’ll be honest up front, I’m asking for a donation.
This interview with our friends Jeff and Holly explains the change they give children and their parents. It’s powerful.  It represents one of the many non-profit partnerships WaterStep has established that is still growing.

Take a moment to unleash the power in your hands, donate to WaterStep – SEE, MEET, CHANGE.

In the quiet, after seeing this video in the office, Stephanie said, “What more can we say about the power of water.”

Jeff and Holly – thank you for the vision you have.


In-field Experience in Ethiopia

Matt Ness, of Eyes That See, attended WaterStep’s Water, Health and Hygiene training in early 2013 before traveling to Ethiopia. During a post-trip interview he shared some the excitement he and his team experienced while traveling.  

Matt installed two systems during the trip, one in a “day-type orphanage” that he runs in Ethiopia and one in a home of women recovering from sex trafficking. At both sites health and hygiene was taught in supplementation to the M-100 installation to provide a sustainable foundation for the improvement to the lives of those living in this community. The families travel quite a distance down into a ravine where only dirty water is available. If too tired, tired because they are sick, they gather their water from a sewage/drainage ditch. After installation and training, they now have access to safe water and are on path to healthier living.

Another great story from Matt is of an Ethiopian friend who asked why the missionaries drink so much water when it is bad for you. Matt and his team explained that water is actually very good for you if it’s clean. The friend didn’t believe them and actually had a great fear of water because of the sickness it caused him. Matt and his wife wanted to share the value of clean water, and as this was pre-WaterStep involvement, they paid for a month’s worth of bottled water.  

After one month the friend reported never feeling so good! For the first time he could remember his headache was gone, his skin became a shiny black, the whites of his eyes were actually white, and for the first time ever he had a firm bowel movement (it actually scared him). This man NEVER knew what it was like to live without dehydration. This is an amazing testimony of the impact drinking clean water can have.

WaterStep partners with Ivy Tech and Current360 to take Health and Hygiene long distance!

Distance Learning is extremely advantageous for those who wish to pursue additional studies and those who wish to learn more about a subject matter. WaterStep Health and Hygiene Remote Training may be taken by individuals who live in remote places, are going on mission trips and working professionals who may be unable to take the regular program offered in Louisville, Ky.

Friday, March 1, 2013, WaterStep in conjunction with partners Ivy Tech and Current360 filmed the first distance learning modules for those who wish to learn more about Health and Hygiene. The filmed modules will enable individuals or groups to help people understand what germs and parasites are, how they are transmitted and use this knowledge to prevent waterborne illness.

The biggest advantage of distance learning in the modern world is that these programs provide the learner with flexibility to continue or enhance their knowledge without compromising on education quality or course content. This is a perfect fit for WaterStep because our vision is to train, equip, and mobilize ordinary people in sustainable solutions for treated water, health and hygiene, and sanitation, around the world. We apply technology to empower the local population in avoidance of perpetual dependency by sharing our knowledge and technology to save lives.