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Why Water?

Why Water Landing

875 million people live without access to clean water today.

Without clean water, disease spreads more rapidly. In fact, 80% of all sickness in the world is attributable to unsafe water and sanitation.

This is not acceptable.

At WaterStep, we recognize that many of the world’s problems could be cured with access to clean water. By providing water treatment systems, offering health and hygiene education, and training people who are going into areas with unclean water, we are providing more people with access to clean water and sanitation.

We can make a difference.

If we could solve the water problem, many other world issues would improve. Clean water acts as the world’s best medicine for curing diseases.

The power of water to fuel a community is immeasurable.

At WaterStep, our hope is that we will be able to see the day when every person has access to safe, clean water. By empowering ordinary people, using appropriate technology and training, and partnering with volunteers and humanitarian professionals, we are taking steps toward this goal.

To the left, you can explore facts and statistics, photos, and illustrations to understand the depth of the global water crisis. We hope you’ll join with us in our efforts.