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How do I get a shoe drive started at my school, church, business, etc.?

Decide the dates you want to hold the drive. Visit our website to download posters and find information that you can share to help promote your drive. Give us a call: 502-751-7104 or send us an email:,

and we can deliver collection containers to your facility.

How long should I run my shoe drive for?

We recommend that your organization run your shoe drive for at least two weeks. Running the drive long enough that you include two weekends works well.

What kind of shoes can be donated?

We will take any and all types of shoes, regardless of their condition, as long as they are free from mold/mildew.

What do I do with the shoes once they are collected?

Pair the shoes up, and drop them off at one of our many shoe drop sites around the Louisville/Southern Indiana area. (Check out our website for the drop-site closest to you) If you have a large amount of shoes, and are located within our pick up area, we can come pick the shoes up, just give us a call: 502-751-7104, or send us an email:

If you are outside of our pick up area, you can ship the shoes to our headquarters:

WaterStep 625 Myrtle St.Louisville, KY40208.

What does WaterStep do with the shoes?

WaterStep has an exporter that buys our shoes.

Our exporter takes these shoes into some of the same developing countries that we do water purification projects and sells them to local vendors instead of giving them away. Because of this, we are contributing to micro-enterprise ventures that benefit the economy. This business model helps to provide funds for WaterStep, the exporter, and those small business owners in developing countries.

Why shoes?

Shoes serve another purpose besides providing WaterStep with funds for water purification.

One pair of donated shoes serves multiple purposes:

  • Building the economy of a local community.
  • Providing affordable footwear.
  • Protecting landfills.
  • Initiating sustainable water projects.

(Not to mention helping you maintain a clean closet!)

How does WaterStep use the funds raised?

All funds received go toward funding our mission, of empowering ordinary people to provide safe, clean water.

We look forward to partnering with you!

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