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Who We Are

WWA Landing
Saving Lives Through Safe Water


Empowering ordinary people to provide safe, clean water


Water is Medicine™. By using appropriate technology and training, WaterStep empowers volunteers and humanitarian professionals with the ability to assist communities with sustainable water solutions. Our hope is that we will see the day when no person in this world has to drink unsafe water.


WaterStep takes steps to see this vision become reality by providing training and technology to better equip people to provide sustainable solutions to the water problem. From disaster relief to water treatment and health and hygiene training, our practical solutions are impacting lives and providing clean water for more people. We have a presence in over 30 countries and are continuing to find new areas that need access to clean water. Through our water purification systems, community development and specific training, we are addressing the problems and helping more people gain access to clean water.

What we do

Our mission is to save lives with safe water! We fulfill our mission by empowering ordinary people around the world with training and technology in water purification, health and hygiene, and hand pump repair.

What do you say to people who are drinking unsafe water where their children and elderly are dying each and every day due to waterborne illnesses? The need in the world is great and we need your involvement to help respond to this worldwide problem.

Please consider making safe water a part of your next overseas trip. You could install a water purifier, teach health and hygiene or fix hand pumps. Or join WaterStep on one of our safe water trips. Join us for one of our training classes and leave a legacy of safe water.

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