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Water Treatment and Health and Hygiene

Every day thousands of people around the world die from preventable water-borne diseases. Pathogens cause severe diarrheal diseases such as e. coli, cholera, and typhoid which are especially deadly.  You can be part of the solution.  After training at WaterStep, you will know how to provide safe drinking water to tens of thousands of people.  Even better, you will know solutions that are simple, affordable, and easy to sustain long-term.

“Four weeks after the children were using treated water and proper health and hygiene practices they were not sick anymore.”

-Anna Emuga, Founder of Aitai Orphanage.  Teso, Uganda

Because of health education, people can understand and identify parasites and their transmission apply this knowledge to prevent disease.

Without effective health education, programs that deliver treated water have little chance of sustainable improvement in community health.  That is why WaterStep intentionally couples water treatment and health education in its courses.   Using a combination of posters, props, skits, and more, this training gives you a powerful way to help people improve their well being.

Who Should Attend:

  • Community health workers
  • Those who do medical related humanitarian relief work
  • People who work in short/long term missions in developing countries
  • Those preparing for work, projects, and endeavors similar to Peace Corps service
  • Those who work in an organization whose goal is to provide safe drinking water
  • Team leaders of people serving in developing countries
  • Those who have influence to help people take care of their own water supply

You Will Learn How to:

  • Work with communities on drinking water projects
  • Test water for the presence of waterborne pathogens
  • Assemble and use a chlorine generator to kill waterborne pathogens, viruses, and parasites
  • Configure, operate, and maintain a mini-water treatment system (hands-on)
  • Use point-of-use solutions to unsafe drinking water
  • Develop a checklist of necessary tools and parts for water treatment

What You Will Learn to Teach:

  • What are germs and how they are spread
  • How to keep germs from spreading, including hand washing with little water
  • How to protect homes and families from flies
  • Identification of different kinds of parasites
  • How parasites spread
  • How to treat diarrheal illness in babies, children, and adults including the Oral Rehydration Solution
  • The Role of different food groups in good health
  • Dental care

Your Training Will Include:

  • Instruction
  • Training Manual
  • Breakfast/lunch
  • Resource CD

To see what a training may look like, check out the video below.

To see another example of what you may learn at a health and hygiene training, check out this video.

See our Training page to find out more about registration and dates.