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Personal Preparedness

Does one of these situations apply to you?

  • Live in a rural area without access to safe water?
  • Need to prepare for extended periods without electricity?
  • Have contingency plans for food and no electricity, but not for water?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, WaterStep has answers to help provide for
safe water.

Whether it is natural, technological, or a matter of national security, emergency preparedness is the ability to respond in times of crisis. Food, first aid kits, radios, and flashlights are important, but water is most vital to human survival.The WaterStep M-100 Chlorine Generator was designed to operate in harsh environments in developing regions.

The WaterStep water purifier is ideal for providing safe water in
times of emergency. It can also act as part of your contingency planning, or primary plan if
you reside in a rural area without access to treated water.

The M-100 Chlorine Generator:

  • Sets up in only five minutes.
  • Operates off a 12-volt battery and a handful of salt.
  • Can chlorinate more than 10,000 gallons of water per day.

With the optional accessories, you can easily build a mini-water treatment system that
uses solar panels to keep your 12-volt battery charged and a manual pump to circulate

A portion of the proceeds of WaterStep products goes toward our mission of saving lives around the world from water-borne illness. When you buy a Water Step water system, you will help protect not only your own family, but other families around the world who cannot protect themselves.

Consider WaterStep’s water purifier as part of your contingency planning for an emergency or safe water solution in a rural application.