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Medical and Dental

“It didn’t make sense for us to dispense medicine for illness that we knew would come back as soon as the medicine was gone. Giving communities the ability to supply themselves with safe water is preventative medicine and leads to better overall health in the long term.”

Bill Smock, M.D., FAAEM,
Medical Director, WaterStep*

When Dr. Smock went on his first medical missions trip, he realized that there had to be a better way to treat waterborne diseases. Upon returning, Dr. Smock partnered with WaterStep to provide safe water on future medical mission trips. Now Dr. Smock has joined WaterStep as our Medical Director.  Read more about Dr. Smock in this brief article.

The WaterStep water purifier is ideal for providing safe water at medical and dental clinics.
The M-100 Chlorine Generator:

  • Sets up in only five minutes.
  • Operates off a 12-volt battery and a handful of salt.
  • Can chlorinate more than 10,000 gallons of water per day.

In addition, the M-100 water purifier produces liquid chlorine and sodium hydroxide by-
products that can be used in medical and dental clinics to:

  • Sterilize medical equipment and instruments
  • Disinfect latrines
  • Kill mosquito larvae to prevent malaria

Consider making safe water and health and hygiene a part of your next medical and dental trip. WaterStep staff and Dr. Smock are available to help answer your safe water questions. Please download our Medical and Dental brochure to read more.