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Community Development

WaterStep believes a sustainable water project should have broader vision than just setting up a water system. WaterStep views the community as a whole and addresses issues such as health and hygiene, sanitation, water distribution and long-term development.

Community development seeks to empower individuals and groups of people by equipping them with the skills they need to impact their communities.

  • Bringing water to a community is good
  • Bringing water and training to the locals is better
  • Bringing water, training to the locals and health & hygiene is best
  • Bringing water, training to the locals, health & hygiene and planning a follow-up is Community Development.

WaterStep takes intentional steps in Community Development including:

  • A community assessment
  • Installation of a mini-water treatment plant or hand pump repair
  • Community health and hygiene classes
  • Training locals to be water and hygiene specialist
  • Empowering the nationals with the educational knowledge and materials
  • Encouraging micro-business start-ups
  • Track community health and successes
  • Availability to WaterStep specialist