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WaterStep's Mission


We are a nonprofit that provides safe water, sanitation and health education to communities in developing countries.

We train people in developing countries how to use safe water solutions like water purification, bleach making, health education, and well repair, empowering communities to take care of their own water needs for years. We believe that the best solutions to water problems are rooted in simple tools and effective training.


Contest Description


June 14th - June 28th


We want you to persuade us to give you the drill. Its simple. Submit either an essay or a video of you telling us why you want it. Maximum 600 word count and Maximum 2 minute video. No grammar grading. Just tell us a little bit about yourself , your plans for the well and be excited!


Here is what you must include:

Who you are

Where you’re from

How old you are

What is your plan for the giveaway

Why should this project win this giveaway

How do you plan to get the drill on site



Winner must reside in the US

Must pay shipping or arrange for pick up.

Must be at least 13 years or older.

Apply between the allotted dates

Drill Description


The Lone Star Shallow Well Drill Rig is the premier drill rig for village water well projects in developing countries. It is Lightweight, easy to transport, setup and operate, this rig has been used in over 50 countries since 1995. It reliably drills a 6 inch borehole up to 100 feet in sandy and clay soils. The complete package includes a 5.5HP mud pump, complete sets of hoses, sturdy drill pipe with straight thread tool joints, drag bits, reamers, tools and spare parts. The LS100 packs into a 1,000lb crate for shipping and storage. Not recommended for use in rocky soils.

Link to LS100- http://www.lonestardrills.com/water-well-drills/mechanical-series/ls100/

How to use it:




Well Being Through Water Essay Contest

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