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WaterStep’s mission is simple ~ we bring safe water to the developing world through knowledge and technology.
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You as a team member might:

  • Work with locals to building a mini-water treatment plant
  • Work with locals to teach health and hygiene
  • Work with locals to repair a broken hand pump
  • Work with locals to build a water distribution plan
  • Work with locals to find ways to start water micro-businesses

Most trips are 7-14 days and range from $2400-$3500 inclusive.

Open WaterStep-led trip dates are listed below in bold text.

2014 Trip Dates

  • March 8-16 – Water Chlorination/Health & Hygiene – Haiti – “Trip Full”
  • April 26-May 3 – Water Chlorination/Well Repair – Nicaragua – “Space available”
  • July 9-22 – Hand Pump Repair – Kenya “Trip Full”
  • July 13-26 – Water Chlorination/Health & Hygiene – Brazil “Trip Full”
  • August 4-12 – Water Chlorination/Health & Hygiene – Costa Rica -”Trip full”
  • November 15-22 – Water Chlorination/Well Repair – Nicaragua -“Space Available”

If you are interested in traveling with WaterStep, contact Claudia Daniels or call at 502-568-6342 Ext. 400.